Pre Construction Pre Construction

Experience has taught us that the earlier we become involved with a client’s vision, the more value we contribute to the final outcome. Projects that come to us with little more than a rough concept hold the most potential for Connolly to add value and maximize a client’s program.


  • Property search
  • Site feasibility assessment
  • Conceptual design development
  • Permitting and land use analysis
  • Sub-contractor recommendations and bidding
  • Preliminary estimates

Discussing a client’s vision in advance of the design and construction phases, often before an architect is involved, enables Connolly to determine whether a project is even viable. We can balance costs for maximum return and provide owners with an objective point of view about construction parameters and budget implications.

Preliminary research and strategizing invariably results in more efficient workflow and helps reduce overages.


Design Build…and Drones

Connolly Site Cam – KROHNE Headquarters Progress

In Celebration of Mother’s Day and in Honor of Memorial Day – From the Connolly Archives

  • MRS Management LLC has worked closely with Stephen and Jay Connolly and several members of the staff at Connolly Brothers over the last four years. This multi-generation boutique construction management firm is diligent and attentive to every detail. They have proven their ability to collaborate effectively to overcome any challenge. Their vast experience and capable pool of carefully selected subcontractors ensured uncompromised completion of my project. Connolly lives up to their reputation of being responsive, conscientious and driven by an unparalleled ethic to excel that begins with ownership and is embodied in every member of the team.
    Mark MsciszMRS Management LLC
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